How to use Recreation Link-Up Online  

WELCOME to the YMCA of South Australia’s recreation database, Recreation Link-up Online. This database contains a range of activities over metro and outer-metro Adelaide. Activities may be generally inclusive, may cater specifically for people with certain needs or they may be mainstream. Here are some tips to assist you in using the search tools to find the best options for you.


Simply type the activity you're interested in and click the SEARCH button. Recreation Link-up Online will search for all matches that contain the words you entered.

Example:  Cricket - Finds anything related to cricket
                    Volleyball - Finds anything related to volleyball


You can search for any combination of the following:

Activity             e.g: Pottery
Organisation   e.g: Blackwood Community Centre
Suburb             e.g: Mitchell Park
Disability         e.g: Physical Disability
Region             e.g: North, South, East, West, Country, Central


To find where to learn to dance in the southern region:
Type "Dance" in the Activity field and select "South" from the drop down Region box.


Recreation Link-up Online performs a wild card search. This means that it will find any matches that contain the words you are looking for:

If you search for "tennis" you will receive matches for "tennis" and also "table tennis".

Search for "bowling" and you will receive matches for "lawn bowling" and "ten pin bowling".

It also searches for the exact text you have entered.

Please note that searching for "volleyball" is not the same as searching for "volley ball" (the space will affect your search results).

If you are not having any luck find what you are looking for, please ensure it is being spelt correctly, or try typing it in a slightly different way.


If you want to find where to learn to "TAP DANCE", try searching simply for "DANCE" or just "TAP".

Please call the Recreation Link-up team on 8200 2500 if you require any assistance.


Please note that any activity that doesn’t have a set venue address, or that has a large range of venue options may be listed at the very end of the search list under the suburb guise “Various”. It is recommended you get into the habit of scrolling through the list to the end to ensure you pick these entries up.

The suburb search gives you the option to tick the box "include surrounding suburbs" which broadens the search to a 5KM radius of your selected suburb. It is recommended you choose this option to give you a greater choice of options in your surrounding community.


Use this search function if you want to find activities that are specifically focused to include disabilities. You may like to keep it broad to look for "All Disability Types", or you may want to search for activities that are only for "Vision Impairment" for example. If you have a disability but want to keep your activity options open, select "None Specified" and this will provide mainnstream activities in your search results.


If you are a person with a physical disability who doesnt want a disability specific activity, say you'd like an art activity, try searching by Activity and Suburb, and keep the disability field as "None Specified: to broaden your options.

Please call the Recreation Link-Up team on 8200 2500 if you require any assistance.